Trattoria Da Lello

MOM Park II. floor | Opening hours: 11:00-22:00

10 years of Italian restaurant of Budapest

Ristorante italiano budapest  da 10 anni

The Italian restaurant in Mom Park provides cosy feeling to help you to escape from the bustle of the city. Everybody can find the perfect dish for your taste, whether it’s foods, soups or main food. Risottos, pizzas and fish dishes give you the tamper-proof Italian flavor. The Trattoria Da Lello serve traditional Italian dishes and gourmet meals as well, once you came in our restaurant you can remember these Italian flavors.

Selected ingredients, with decades of experience and carefully prepared italian meals. Take reservation to enjoy the Italian atmosphere for couple hours or choose home delivery service if you don’t have time to visit us. Excellently prepared dishes will not be disappointment.

Cosy italian restaurant in the heart of II. district, in Budapest.
Great, friendly atmosphere and tamper-proof italian flavours are perfect for family gatherings, dinners with friends.

+36 14 875 412

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